Keywords survey 042 Ultram: Your questions answered.

Published: 27th July 2007
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Earlier this week I wrote an article called keywords survey 042 Ultram to demonstrate how easy it is to generate key phrases that enable you to develop your search engine optimization strategy. I chose the phrase keywords survey 042 ultram because I thought the online pharmaceutical industry would be a very challenging one to try to break into.

Since then I've a couple of emails asking for clarification and quite a few asking for my keyword research! Thanks to everyone who contacted me, It's always great to hear from you. If you would like a list of the top 100 phrases for keywords survey 042 ultram drop me a email at the address below. I should say that I did this research a week or so ago and the results are constantly changing as certain phrases are picked up and optimized for they become more competitive, and, of course, new search terms are constantly being used. What I'm trying to say is, by all means use my research as a starting point, but if you're serious about building an online business you need to do your own keyword research.

The first question I was asked was where to find the tools I talked about, that one's easy check out my blog in the article resource box.

The other questions were what do I do with the keywords once I've found them, and does this actually generate any traffic. I'll be writing about this in detail in the future so this will be a fairly short introduction to SEO and using articles to generate backlinks. Before we start I should say that I wrote the article "Keywords survey 042 ultram" on the 23rd of July, So it's only been available for 3 days as I write this follow up.

If you wan't to read that article again it's also at my blog, but if you do a google search for "keywords survey 042 ultram", using the quotes, you'll find it at number's 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 and 10 in the google rankings. My own site is currently at No. 26.

So the answer to the question "does it generate traffic?" is an emphatic yes. Anyone searching for Keywords survey 042 ultram almost guaranteed to see my articles and quite a few are already visiting my site. My own site is brand new so has very few backlinks currently indexed,but as google picks up the links from those articles it will draw the conclusion tht my site is a good source of information on that keywords for ultram and I'll begin to place higher in the search listings. I would expect to be in the top 3 within a few weeks. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

What I do with the keywords is probably already clear; I write articles. I choose phrases as I described in my last article and I write, hopefully, informative articles that include those phrases. The key is to offer the information that people are looking for. If you're doing that you don't need to worry too much about the position of keywords, keyword density and prominence. If you're talking about the search term it will naturally appear throughout the text.

Once I've written the articles I submit them to article directories using an automation tool. I'm in the process of writing a review of the tools that I use so again check out the blog for more info.

Ian is the owner of Wordtracker Competition Search Automation, the software that saves hours by completely automating the Wordtracker Competition Search. A free demo version is available by sending an email to ian(at)fastforwardseo(dot)com and will soon be offered to all subscriber to Ian's free Search Engine Marketing newsletter. Click the link for more onKeywords survey 042 ultram and loads more SEO info

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